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Student honors papers (Accession 1985-059)

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 1985_059-UA

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Honors "thesis" papers writen by students in the university's honors program. See below for author/title inventory.

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Researchers should use quotations from these papers only according to the fair use guidelines of the U.S. copyright act. Other publication or quotation requires permission from the writers.


  • 1984-1985


1 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes)


White, Linda M.: Louisville Southern Baptists and racial justice (1985) -- Archer, Laurie: Alcohol and pregnancy (1984) -- Baker, Ken: Work and the family in America (1985) -- Ballou, Sherryl F.: Genetic analyses of bacteria from the Cook Inlet and the Beaufort Sea (1984) -- Baughman, Brent R.: Falkland islands conflict (1984) -- Bhatnagar, Divya: Recombinant DNA and politics: a role model (1984) -- Bishop, Mary: Competition and cooperation among female primates: implications for primate social organization and possible implications for human social organization (1985) -- Borders, Daniel A.: Concepts of personhood and cross-cultural perspectives (1984) -- Cook, Judy Marie: Efficacy of hemodialysis in the treatment of schizophrenia (1984) -- Donnelly, Elizabeth: Teratogenic effects of phenytoin on the progeny of treated male mice (1985) -- Ebersold, Theresa M.: Biosurfactants in heavy oils (1985) -- Eirk, Beverly A.: Quest and resolution: a study of the prose fiction of H. D. (1984) -- Embry, Carmen F.: Lear's wear: the clothing motif in King Lear (1985) -- Evrard, Deborah A.: Investigation of potential-derived charge models for use in the derivation of nonbonded potential parameters for hydrocarbons (1985) -- Fulks, Ann E.: Public Law 94-142: social legislation gone awry? (1985) -- Hamilton, Dakota: What's in a word? (1985) -- Hamilton, Dakota: Early tudor childhood (1985) -- Hicks, Lee G.: An investigation of sterility in the male progeny of sex ratio drosophila pseudoobscura (1984) -- Irwin, Alec C.: Rumeurs des villes: aspects de la thematique urbaine et architecturale dans l'oeuvre d'Arthur Rimbaud (1985) -- Larkin, Barbara G.: Beacons in bedlam: spirituality in the work of Virginia Woolf (1984) -- Larkins, Billy: Battle of Coral Ridge (1984) -- Marlin, Leslie: Anti-semitism in the legal profession: 1880s-1980s (1985) -- Mattingly, Lisa: Satiric poems of Rutebeuf (1984) -- Miller, Diane P.: Cluny: a study in the maturing of the institution of the tenth and eleventh centuries (1984) -- Myneni, Ravi: Equations of motion of mass particles in the general theory of relativity (1985) -- O'Donnell, Kathleen I.: Grand jury: the people's (prosecutors'?) panel (1985) -- Raisor, Patty: Belief systems of the Zoroastrians and the forest mystics (1985) -- Reker, Ken: Mono prints (1985) -- Smith, Guinever: [two different processes for creating images] (1984) -- Smith, Ida J.: Parental attitudes on child-rearing (1985) -- Tucker, Laura: Microbial degradation of rock and stone formations (1985) -- Utuk, Efiong Sam: Protestant ideology and the rise of nationalism in southern Nigeria, 1842-1914 (1984)-- Wells, Rebecca: Formulation, defense and application of an aesthetic feminist literary criticism (1985) -- Whitaker, Michael: Development: beyond a bi-polar world (1985) -- Whitehead, Ron P.: Quest for self: four portraits Ibsen, Hamsun, Munch, Joyce (1985)