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Kappa Pi Epsilon Fraternity, University of Louisville Essays

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This is a collection of essays written by University of Louisville faculty and read before meetings of Kappa Pi Epsilon, an honorary fraternity for the study of social sciences. Occasionally visiting faculty may have delivered essays. See Inventory for complete list of speakers and titles.

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  • 1932-1944



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Strong, Margaret K: A Social Experiment in Louisville, December 1939 -- Strong, Margaret K: Public Welfare Administration in Louisville, March 1935 -- Strong, Margaret K: University and Social Welfare, April 8, 1932 -- Mallalieu, William C: History of the University of Louisville, May 1935 -- Mathiesen, Matilda: Mr. Layman, Meet City Hospital, March 1938 -- Howe, Lawrence Lee: Inflation in the Fall of the Roman Empire, 1943-1944 -- Fields, Carl R: "Know-Nothing" Party in Louisville, November 1934 -- Virtue, Charles F. Sawhil: A Philosophy For A World in Transition, February 10, 1943 -- Vinsel, Kenneth P: Specialized Manpower in the War, April 1942 -- Oppenheimer, Julius John : Roots of Nazism, February 1942 -- Kutak, Robert Ingersoll: Sorokin's Social and Cultural Dynamics - Volume III, December 1937 -- Hassold, Ernest Christopher: Fluctuation of Social Relationships, War, and Revolution, Sorokin's Dynamics - Volume II, December 1937 -- Read, James Morgan: Sorokin's Social and Cultural Dynamics - Volume II - Fluctuation of Systems of Truth, Ethics, and Law, December 1937 -- Bower, Chester L: Technological Change and Revolution, January 1938 -- Dupre, Huntley: German Minority in Czechoslovakia, May 1938 -- Haygood, T.F: Government Expenditures, October 1936 -- Oppenheimer, Julius John: Fascism - American Model, April 1935 -- Hays, Frankli: Power of Congress to Restrict the Power of the Federal Courts to Declare Acts of Congress Unconstitutional, May 1936 -- Vinsel, Kenneth P: Two Years Before the Masses, November 1935 -- Read, James Morgan: Atrocity Propaganda, December 1935 -- Warwick, H.S: What About 1940, November 1936 -- Kutak, Robert Ingersoll: Freedom of the Press, January 1935 -- Kent, Raymond Asa: Whom Shall the Urban University Admit, December 1932 -- Mallalieu, William C.: Relation of History to Social Sciences, November 1932 -- Kutak, Robert Ingersoll: State and Social Experimentation, 1939 -- Threlkeld, Hilda: Educational and Vocational Plans of College Seniors, March 1932 -- Oppenheimer, Julius John: Philosophy of Experimentalism and the Social Sciences, May 13, 1932 -- Truett, Randle Bond: Cultural Approach to Vocational Education, May 1933 -- Carnahan, Wendel: Legal Education and the Law School, December 1934 -- Vinsel, Kenneth P: A Basis for Political Parties, January 1932 -- Caldwell, M.A: Does Pragmatism Involve Indeterminism, March 1933 -- Kelley, Noble H: Historic Trends in Psychology -- Kutak, Robert Ingersoll: Changing Conceptions of the State, October 1937 -- Taylor, Robert L: Does Automobile Insurance Always Protect, 1939 -- Vinsel, Kenneth P: Meeting the Unemployment Problem, 1939 -- Oppenheimer, J.J: What Is General Education -- Threlkeld, Hilda: Ham and Eggs, Junior Style, March 1940 -- Virtue, Charles F. Sawhil: Place of Philosophy in Liberal Arts Education, 1939 -- Read, James Morgan: "For We Sail 'Gainst England", November 1940 -- Cronin, John J: Some Social and Economic Aspects of Medicine, November 1941 -- Stevens, George Neff: Recent Developments in Kentucky Labor Law, December 1940 -- Wilkinson, F.L., Jr: After Defense - What, March 1941 -- Warwick, H.S: America "Hopes" For Peace, November 1937 -- Detchen, Lil: Pros and Cons of College Student Rating of Teachers, May 1936 -- Kutak, Robert Ingersoll: Possibilities of a Permanent Peace, 1943-1944 -- Warner, Robert Austin: Practical Proposals for Permanent "Peace," 1943-1944.