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Social Sciences Division senior theses

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Student senior theses from the Division of Social Sciences, 1961-1974. These materials are subject to FERPA restrictions. See Inventory for complete author/title list.

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Most of these papers are restricted under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and UofL student records policy. Please consult a reference archivist for more information.

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  • 1961-1974



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A study of the Southern Exposition of 1883 / Marsha Ackerman ; A study of the effects of anxiety on the performance of an I.Q. test / Jon Winston Ackerson ; A B M perspective / Talbott R. Allen, Jr. ; Civic action in counterinsurgency / John Anuszewski ; The Cuban counterrevolution in exile / Letiva Maria Arza ; The aldermen choose a mayor / John Ayer ; Pragmatic Socialism / William J. Belanger ; Attitundinal study of social-economical deprived youth in vocational training / Richard Beliles ; Christian democracy in Chile / Larry Bemis ; Louisville General Hospital: 1935 to 1965 / Alissa M. Berman ; Kentucky folklore and folk music / Elaine Biggins ; The cog of the wheel of Metropolitan Councils / Albert J. Bissmeyer, III ; The detrimental economic and socio-cultural impact of migration of colored Commonwealth immigrants on the British society during the 1950's and 1960's / John Thomas Biciocchi ; A study of the relationship between the activity level of precinct captains and the attitudes of voters towards the City government / Karen Blackwell ; Basic characteristics, traits, and trends of members of Louisville's Board of Aldermen 1943 to present / Marcella Blakeslee ; An investigation of cohesiveness among Jefferson County members of the Ky. General Assembly / Christopher M. Bogert ; The changing sports policy of the Courier-Journal in relation to a changing society / Jim Bolus ; The assessment and sale of Negro slaves to settle personal estates in Louisville, Jefferson Count, Ky.: 1834-1865 / Cecil Blye ; The Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands in Kentucky / Lavanda Joan Booth ; Democratic Party factional politics in Bullitt County 1945-1971 / Solomon Neill Brooks ; The Louisville City Workhouse and its population / Donald C. Brown ; History and background of real estate evaluation / Martin C. Brown ; The Firebirds an epic elegy / Robert L. Brown ; A financial history of the Louisville and Jefferson County Air Board / John Burke ; A sociometric study of inmates at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women / Judith Burns ; The colonial interpretation of the natural rights philosophy (1765-1775) / Ann I. Buster ; The 1964 University of Louisville mock Republican National Convention / David Ray Carroll ; Socioeconomic status and legislative voting behavior / Doug Carson ; Voting cohesion in the House of Representatives Ky. State Legislature, 1970 / Dorothy Carter ; A study of the 1959 Combs - Waterfield Campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination / Frank Carter ; The Louisville public school crisis and tax referendums 1963-64 / Rocco J. Celebreeze ; First peoples in Kentucky / Rhoda Chambers ; The Republican candidates for mayor and county judge of 1965 / Steve Charncy ; The 1968 mock Democratic Convention UofL / Everett M. Clayton, III ; NATO: A study of the US-French conflict resulting in the French withdrawal / Joan Clements ; Nunn and Willis / Robert D. Clifton ; A profile of party leader: The case of a county committee / Thomas J. Conder ; Sylvania and the Community Action Commission history and description / Terry Hawkins Copeland ; The freshman on probation 1963 / Mariner G. Cox ; Alternatives to our present bail system / Thomas F. Cravens ; Urban renewal and housing for Negroes in Louisville, Kentucky / Carla Tyree Curry ; The Populist Party in Kentucky: Its beginning and early history / Joseph A. Danz ; An analysis of the passage of the 1968 sales tax increase / Michael Davidson ; Informal power structures of the Manly Area Council / A Thomas Davis ; The history of the Jeffersontown Presbyterian Church / Charles Davis ; Sphere of influence of Metropolitan Louisville / Dock H. Davis ; The reaction of the Kentucky delegation to the 28th Congress to the question of Texas annexation / Richard Davis ; An examination of the growth of the thoroughbred breeding industry: Three primary centers / Mary Ann Delaney ; The Louisville Fourth Street pedestrian mall / Paul W. Dendy ; History of the Lutheran Church in Louisville / Dexter DeVore ; Alcibiades / Susie S. Dillard ; Library appropriations issue in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky / Thomas Donan ; The 1970 Jefferson County bond issues / Michael Drutz ; The Louisville mayoralty campaign of 1941 / William P. Duffy ; Study of the Occupational General Property Tax presented for a vote on November 3rd, 1964 / Judith Ann Dukes; Margaret C. Hall ; Campus expansion and urban renewal at the University of Louisville / Ward Edwards ; Early historic influence on the Disciples of Christ in Kentucky and a history of some of the churches in Louisville, Kentucky / Charlotte Ellington ; The immediate effects of the Mexican agrarian revolution of 1910 on land distribution and ownership / Bradley Warren Evans ; Kentucky verse- Nineteenth century / Mary Cox Everett ; An investigation of difference between performance on the General Education Development Test and grade level / Ruby Gordon Ezelle ; Workman's Compensation legislation and Kentucky / Sam W. Ezelle ; An investigation of some assumptions about contributions of intercategory organization to retention / Gaye Hynds Fann ; Problems of capital accumulation in less developed countries / Douglas L. Farrow ; Community / Atis E. Feldmanis ; Kentucky in fiction / Nell Field ; A study of the 1963 Democratic gubernatorial primary / Elaina F. Fischer ; The printing industry in Louisville / Michael J. Fitzgerald ; The downfall of a Congressman / Jane M. Fitzpatrick ; Integrated study of Kentucky people and resources / Catherine Foley ; Social science and semantics / Richard D. Fransen ; Socialist Party campaigns / David S. Freeland ; The Southwick Redevelopment Project within the process of urban renewal in Louisville Kentucky / Avery Samuel Friedman ; The political ideology of Kwame Nkrumah / Bruce Friedman ; Nature of shift of the vote in favor of the Democratic Party in the Midwest, Penn. and South between Congressional elections of 1872-1873 and 1874-1875 / Marshall Varble Gaither ; Stillwell's mission to China / Kathleen L. Gettler ; Howard National Steamboat Museum / Anne Gibson ; History of the Louisville Cement Company / Ernie Gilbert ; A comparative study of the trends in family and marital problems as reflected in advice columns / Paula Glaser ; The rise and fall of Main Street / Linda L. Goins ; The political implications of the Black Muslims in Louisville / Joseph J. Golden ; The effects of 14 leading economic indicators on the Standard and Poor's Industrial Stock Price Index / Peter J.D. Gordon ; A study of leadership in Louisville's Black community / Rita G. Greer ; Jefferson County Grand Jury / James A. Grider ; Forward Thrust 1970: Was there a parry by the voters? / James E. Groves, Jr. ; John J. Crittenden and the decline of the Whig Party / Sallie Gulledge ; The rise and fall of the Christian Democratic political party in Chile / Donald Guss ; A detailed study of the Louisville Courier-Journal's editorial policy and method of handling news releases from the outbreak of the Cuban Insurrection until the United States declared war against Spain: 1895-1898 / David B. Habermel ; Citizens Metropolitan Planning Council, Inc. / Bruce W. Hackett ; Sense of community / Charles Hagan ; Citizens participation in urban renewal projects: Louisville Bardstown / Thomas C. Hall ; After-care services for delinquent youth: Evaluation and recommendation / Jan Happer ; Military aspects of Vespasion's reign / Thelma M Hardin ; Characteristics of precinct captains in Louisville Kentucky / John Heer ; The Ku Klux Klan during its height of power in Indiana / Carolyn Helm ; The 1961 mayoralty election in Louisville Kentucky / Kendall Hockenbury ; An economic base study of Spencer County, Kentucky / William T. Hord, III ; Communist views on capitalistic democracy / Joel Horowitz ; Louisville Central Area Incorporated / David L. Huber ; An investigation of the Jefferson County fire protection program / Frederick Huggins ; An analysis of Zengakuren- The Japanese student leftist movement / Robert C. Hughes, III ; California Area Community Center / Kevan Insko ; The Courier-Journal's viewpoint of the United States' Latin American policy from 1910-1919 / Nancy Ray Jacobs ; The economic conditions of Southern Appalachia / Shirley Johnson ; No man stands straighter than he who wishes to stoop to help a crippled child: A history of Kosair Crippled Children's Hospital / James Jones ; The vocational aspirations of Negro youth at Central High School / Michael Nicholas Jurlanda & Larry Victor Zettwoch ; Case study of Village West / Charles D. Kaplan ; Claudius's invasion and occupation of Great Britain / Ann Kauffman ; Associated Industries of Kentucky. Its history, functions, and personnel / Michael Axton Kelly ; The development of the Congressional sub-committee system / Mary Phyllis Kelsey ; The survey and analysis of the detention care of juveniles in Louisville, Kentucky / Mary Sue Kemper ; No slavery in Indiana / Patrick Blaine Kimberlin, III ; The impact of automation on the Falls City Brewery / Bren W. Kindelsperger ; William Gaebel and the politicians: Kentucky politics from 1895-1900 / Daniel M. Kininmonth ; The world military balance / Gary T. Kinsella ; Nothing to do / Lewis M. Kirk, Jr. ; Kentucky politics: Before, during, and after the Civil War / Michael Kleiner ; The study of reaction to American Reconstruction from 1865-1869 by the Nation and Atlantic / Elizabeth Oldham Koch ; The Soviets in the Middle East: Matter of motivation / James R. Kuhlman ; A comparative study of food store prices in the Louisville area / Joan Lanham ; The Louisville mayor's election of 1933 / William E. Lantrip ; Descriptive analysis of Louisville Legal Aid Society neighborhood offices and poverty effected persons who use them / Medford Q. Lee ; A sociological study into the vocational aspirations of senior and sophomore students at Shawnee High School, Louisville Kentucky / Mike Leezer & JoAnn Peacock & Robert Procter ; Negro voting in Louisville KY: 1960-1967 / Sherrill Reinhart Loeser ; The Louisville Negro in 1870 / Faith W. Lyles ; The Louisville Municipal Housing Commission, people, problems, and projects / Stephen A. Lyons ; Jacques Soustelle and the rightist tradition in twentieth century France / Thomas Holland Lyons ; Henry Clay and The Compromise of 1850 / Mitch McConnell ; Estimation of effort and reserve in isometric contractions / Mary B. McGee ; The evolution of University of Louisville's Black student / Louis McHenry ; An attitudinal survey of low income community concerning the actions of local, state, and federal government. / Rebecca Morgan McMakin ; Hospital administration: A study of social factors in the formulation of administrative philosophy / James Mahanes ; The Louisville and Jefferson County mayoral and county judge campaign of 1969 / Edwin C. Mann ; A political analysis of educators's national plans and planning agencies: 1960-1970 / Heidi Suzanne Margulis ; The community development of West Buechel, Kentucky / John C. Marlowe ; Consolidation on the Louisville and Jefferson County Welfare Agencies: The creation of Metropolitan Social Services Dept. / James Thomas Marshall, Jr. ; Historical resume of Buechel 1940-1966 / Susan L Marx ; A history of the development of the distilling industry in Kentucky prior to Prohibition / Milo Martin Meadows, Jr. ; The fire that built a city / Huel Virginia Meadows ; The civil jury in Kentucky / Thomas J. Meyer ; The ecology of the Aswan High Dam / Carol Spalding Miner ; The Warsaw Treaty of Friendship: Co-operation and mutual assistance / David Scott Minton ; The historical background and restoration of Locust Grove / Roland H. Moore ; The John Birch Society: Who? what? and why? / Allen L. Morris ; Election of judge of the court of appeals, 1966 / Sidney Morris ; Determining the recreational open space needs of Louisville and Jefferson County of the 1970 population level; Using the multiple function of computation. / Jack Robert Norris ; Louisville and Jefferson County administration of streets / Ronald R. Odell ; The history and the preservation of Liberty Hall / John C. Ogden ; The last years of General George Rogers Clark / Preston T. Ormsby ; A voter analysis of a selected precinct / Bernard John Osterholt, Jr. ; The role of the Bar in the selection of judges: A comparison between Missouri urban centers and Jefferson County / Homer J. Parrent ; An investigation of campus political parties / Paul Harold Peterson ; The election of 1828 in Kentucky / Ellen Sue Porter ; Dogmatism and religious denominations / Laura Potash ; History of Camp Zachary Taylor / J.E. Powell ; The effects of freedmen on the Democratic and Republican parties in Kentucky, 1865-1880 / Phyllis Powell ; Attitude study on people in Louisville toward the United States Supreme Court / David Purvis ; The presidential elections in Louisville 1844-1856 / Gordon W. Quinsenberry ; A comparison of student political activism in Japan, Turkey, and Venezuela / William Christopher Raizor ; The Louisville mayoral contest of 1925-1927 / Herbert Ransdell ; The Indian governmental and political party structure / Don Ratcliffe ; The Shelby County Democratic Party precinct committees / Don T. Ratcliffe ; Chesley H. Searcy of Louisville / C. David Redmon ; The Grange in Kentucky 1871-1880 / Gary K. Robinson ; The modernization of Turkey under Kemal Ataturk: An evaluation / Laura Von Roenn ; Dr. Freeman, the University and the Legion 1935 / Mary Beth Rose ; Political history of Shively, Kentucky / Joseph L Rosenburg ; The planning and zoning history of Anchorage / Henry V. Sanders ; A study of the Falls of the Ohio Metropolitan Council of Government / John M. Schardein ; The voting behavior of citizens of Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky for the years 1948-1959 / Reinald F. Schey ; Political orientation and behavior among college students / Lloyd Henry Schildknecht ; Rapid transit possibilities for the Louisville Metropolitan Area / Elizabeth Schulman ; A study of the non-registered non-voter / Lea C. Schultz ; Pressure groups in Jeffersontown, Kentucky / Stanley A. Searcy ; Economics of Communist China / Rose Shipp ; The impact of Medicare and Medicaid on Louisville General Hospital / Leslie E. Silver ; The Restoration Movement in Kentucky 1880- / Stephen Simpson ; Registration for voting of religious minorities in Louisville and Jefferson County / Hugh Owen Skees ; The Bluegrass region of Kentucky / Carol Lee Smith ; A study of overpopulation and its effect on the economics on the underdeveloped nations / Lawrence T. Smith ; A study of the socio-economic background of women with illegitimate children who apply for public assistance / Nancy J. Smith ; Louisville's public accommodations ordinance / Ronald H. Snyder ; Political decentralization of the Louisville and Jefferson County public school systems / William C. Snyder ; Andrew Jackson and Jacksonian Democracy: A reflection of an era, a foundation for the future / John E. Speed ; How interest groups contact the Board of Alderman / Charles C. Staiger ; How juvenile delinquency is reduced / Jerald Ronald Steinberg ; General Charles DeGaulle's consolidation of council over the French resistance / Jerry W. Stevenson ; The economic history of the Latin American nations since independence from Spain / Vinson Straub ; Multiple governments in Louisville and Jefferson County / Ruth Street ; Recruitment in public service: Special emphasis on Louisville / R. Joyce Stribling ; The Louisville civil servant and interior pressures / Louis S. Sutherland, Jr. ; Political and social opinions of a sample of Southern Baptist leadership / Mark W. Tassie ; The conception of public leadership of the state legislature / Joe Terry ; Urban renewal in Owensboro, KY / George W. Thacker, Jr. ; A brief history of the St. James - Belgravia Court area / Edwin Love Toone, III ; The 1955 Democratic gubernatorial primary / Lawrence L. Turkel ; The making of a city and a mayor, 1948 / Stephen L. Traughber ; A study of solid waste disposal by landfill method in Jefferson County, KY / Hugh J. Ungerleider ; The Clark County, Indiana, Democratic precinct committeeman / Stephen W. Voelker ; The Whig Party in Kentucky, 1840 / Jane H. Wallace ; Membership and per capita giving in the Ky. District, Church of the Nazarine / Paul R. Wallace ; The internal effects of the Algerian struggle for independence / Linda Jean Wallbaum ; There is no single or district course for civil disturbances / Anthony L. Warth ; History of banking in Kentucky / Donna Bailey Wheeler ; Voter behavior patterns in non-partisan issues, by race and class, in Louisville, KY / Gerald C. White ; Electricity in the city of Louisville 1900-1922 / Edward L Whitten ; Student effects on University of Louisville decision making 1970-72 / S. Craig Widen ; A descriptive study of Big Brothers of Louisville, KY / James L. Willis ; A study of antislavery organizations during the years 1828-1845 and their influence in securing a Constitutional Call in 1849 / Robert Woerner ; An analysis of voting trends in Christian County, KY / Diane Wood ; The relation between the religious affiliation of Alcoholics Anonymous members in the Louisville area, and the proportion of Alcoholics Anonymous members in the churches of Louisville, KY / Linda Wurtenburg ; Procedures for and consequences of certain zoning changes in Louisville and Jefferson County Ky / Roland W. Ziege ; Land use at four interchanges on interstate highway 65 in Indiana 1965 / Herbert M Zimmerman.